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A Short Story About Myself

Dear website visitor!

First of all, thank you for visiting my website. I would like to briefly introduce myself and tell you about my experience with photography. My name is Patrick Beukelman and I am 38 years young,
I come from Zwolle, The Netherlands (born and raised). I have been involved in photography for some time but I would like to develop further in this area. In 2005 I bought my first camera and started to explore my surroundings, abandoned buildings captured my interest and so I went on a journey.
I have traveled through Europe and had the opportunity to photograph many abandoned architecture. After so many years of experience in this branch of photography, I want to expand even further towards a more professional profile. My experience is not only shooting abandoned architectures but I am also at home in animal photography, model photography, product photography and I also like to shoot cities and landscapes when I am on vacation. I would like to use this website to offer visitors the opportunity to buy one of my works in limited edition for the wall or display other forms of my work elsewhere. I offer you a price on request, if you contact me I will come up with a suitable offer according to your wishes. I can also be booked and hired as a professional photographer for your memorable events or for capturing, for example, your pet or other wishes.